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The Dos & Don’ts Of Commercial Floor Polishing

As an increasingly popular way to quickly update any commercial facility, concrete polishing can bring a breath of fresh, slick air to any manufacturing, storage area, or showroom. 


With commercial floor polishing, you can take advantage of a simple polishing technique that will bring results without having to deal with expensive and time-consuming repairs or replacements to your floors. With polishing, you can quickly remove the top layer of concrete that has been worn down with use, giving the concrete a like-new look. 


Quite similar to sanding wood, commercial floor polishing involves the removal of the top layer of concrete with a special polishing utility. This will remove any blemishes and cracks on the top of the concrete. However, when not completed properly, commercial floor polishing can damage your floors – leaving you with a bigger headache than you started with!


Here are the top dos and don’ts you should know before your next commercial floor polishing project:

DO Prepare For Pre-Polish Repairs

If the concrete floors in your commercial building are in need of polishing, they are likely in need of repair as well. Make sure to look over your entire concrete floor to take note of any repairs that need to be made prior to polishing. 


A concrete company or contractor can help you learn if your commercial concrete flooring is ready to polishing, or if you need to take remedial steps to ensure that the surface has been treated for any bad problems. If you take care of repairs before polishing, you can ensure a great final product without any hiccups.

DO Look At Your Finish Options

Did you know that there are several options for finishes once you complete your commercial floor polishing? While you can simply seal your newly polished floors once they are treated, don’t miss the opportunity to add a decorative or customized finish that is sure to wow your customers or clients.

DON’T Wait Until The Damage Is Done

One of the worst parts of operating a business on concrete floors is discovering that your floors are beyond the help of a simple commercial floor polishing. While small knicks, cracks, and dents can be taken care of easily with a polish, non-cosmetic issues such as deep cracks and unlevel surfaces may require a full repair or replacement.


To ensure that you can take advantage of commercial floor polishing, make sure you don’t wait until the damage is too severe. At the first sign of cosmetic issues, contact your local concrete expert to get an estimate on concrete floor polishing services.

DON’T Avoid Proper Maintenance

While your commercial polished floors are easy to maintain and require very little upkeep, you will still want to take steps to treat them well. If your concrete is in a high-traffic area that is prone to foot or vehicle traffic, invest time into keeping your polished floors cleaned using the proper tools and techniques. The amount of potential damage can vary depending on the type of traffic your floors experience.

DO Hire A Commercial Floor Polishing Expert

When it comes to your commercial floors, invest in nothing but the best. While there are plenty of DIY floor polish treatments on the market, none can provide the outstanding results that can only come with a trained and experienced commercial floor polishing expert. 


If you want to learn more about the potential of commercial floor polishing for your business, contact your local concrete polishing expert today. A contractor will work closely with you to analyze your space and find the best solution to meet your needs. An experienced contractor will reduce the time interruptions to your business and ensure a high-quality outcome. 


To learn more about commercial floor polishing, contact your local expert today.

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